First Cycle: Preparatory (4 semesters)

The first cycle (preparatory) which has a minimum duration of two years, intends to provide the theological, philosophical, and canonical elements necessary for the next circle (Licentiate). This circle is compulsory for students who have not undergone the philosophical-theological institutional courses.  

Second Cycle: Licentiate in Canon Law (6 semesters)

The second circle (Licentiate) takes place in six semesters after which one obtains the licentiate degree in canon law. The whole curriculum provides a systematic study of the entire legal system of the Church, with particular attention to the Code of Canon Law and the peculiarities of Oriental canon law.

The program also provides, throughout the programme of studies, a more in-depth study of canonical and ecclesiastical questions regarding the management of the Church’s temporal goods. To obtain a licentiate, the student must pass the examinations of all the courses of the first and second cycle as required by the academic regulations, submit a written dissertation under the guidance of a professor of the Faculty, and pass the comprehensive examination. The Licentiate examination, which consists of a written and a subsequent oral test, is held twice annually (in June and February).